Me as a cat -- My dad's official website

Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-Fisted Action -- my dad's writing blog

Told you he was a writer -- My dad's author page

Bobby Nash -- a writer friend of mine and dad's, Bobby's my "con dad"

Robert Freese -- a horror writer whose work really creeps me out (and I love it!)

Erik Burnham -- an artist and writer friend of my dad's who drew the comics I wrote for a school project (Erik's currently writing Ghostbusters for IDW Publishing)
formal chick 
Billy Tackett -- the renowned zombie and horror artist (or Tacky Billet)

Daniel Emery Taylor -- a friend of mine and my dad's who was in the movies The Return of Swamp Thing, Hellephone and Road Trip.

Samantha Newark -- the voice of Jerrica from the cartoon Jem and the Holograms (she's truly amazing, truly, truly, truly amazing) -- the best superhero fiction you'll ever read

Frank Fradella -- another awesome writer I know

Luci Fidelis -- the amazing artist who is drawing Grace the Amazing for me
Lysa Zen Shin -- creator of Zen vs. Zombies and an artist friend of mine

Jim O'Rear -- actor friend I met at cons